User manual (German) as HTML-File (.chm) ca. 2.6 MB Download
User manual (German) as PDF-File (.pdf) ca. 2.6 MB Download
User manual (English)   not available
Short Reference (English) as HTML-File (.chm) ca. 0.7 MB Download
Short Reference (English) as PDF-File (.pdf) ca. 0.4 MB Download



PERFOMaster3000 - Version 1.14 German * ca. 9.2 MB Download
PERFOMaster3000 - Version 1.14 English * ca. 9.8 MB Download
License key for free ** per Email Registration

 * Note that this version is running only for 1 year without a registration.

** After the registration at BuxSoft we will send you a free license key by e-mail. With this license key, you can unlock PERFOMaster3000 for an unlimited period of time. A legal claim for this license key does not exist!


Before you install PERFOMaster, please read the license agreements. You can find the End User License Agreement (EULA) in the Short Reference Manual, at the beginning of the installation program and after the installation of PERFOMaster as a PDF-File in the installation directory of PERFOMaster.

For this free version we cannot offer a technical support. The use of this software is at your own risk. We assume no liability for damages resulting from the use of this software.